Dish DTP4900 Bundle Tailgater PRO Premium Satellite TV Antenna

The Dish DTP4900 Bundle Tailgater PRO is a high-performance portable satellite TV antenna that is designed for use during outdoor activities such as tailgating, camping, and RVing. The bundle includes a fully automatic antenna, a DISH Wally HD receiver, and a 50-foot coaxial cable, making it a complete and convenient solution for enjoying satellite TV programming on the go.

The Tailgater PRO antenna is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up. It measures just 14.3 inches in diameter and weighs only 8 pounds, making it one of the most portable and convenient options on the market. The antenna is also weather-resistant and durable, making it ideal for outdoor use.

The antenna is designed to work with DISH satellite TV programming and can receive both standard and high-definition programming. It features a single coaxial cable connection that plugs directly into the DISH Wally HD receiver, making it easy to set up and use. The receiver is also pre-programmed with DISH satellite TV channels, allowing you to start watching your favorite programming right away.

One of the main advantages of the Tailgater PRO bundle is its ease of use. The antenna is fully automatic and can be set up and operated with minimal effort. Once the antenna is powered on and connected to the receiver, it will automatically locate and lock onto the strongest satellite signal in the area, providing you with optimal reception and a hassle-free viewing experience.

Another advantage of the Tailgater PRO bundle is its range of features and accessories. The DISH Wally HD receiver comes with a variety of features, including a customizable on-screen program guide, parental controls, and the ability to record and pause live TV. The bundle also includes a 50-foot coaxial cable, which provides plenty of length to connect the antenna to the receiver and allows you to position the antenna for optimal reception.

Overall, the Dish DTP4900 Bundle Tailgater PRO is a top-of-the-line portable satellite TV antenna that is designed for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. With its compact and lightweight design, automatic operation, compatibility with DISH satellite TV programming, and range of features and accessories, the Tailgater PRO bundle is a top choice for anyone looking to enjoy high-quality TV programming on the go.